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I’m Back

It’s been a while! The long story (made infinitely shorter by my generally positive regard, combined with the futility of frustration), is that after some inactivity, I lost track of the condition of brianfleduc.com and all it’s related contents faded into the deep-web oblivion.

For a while, it felt like a good thing- more bandwidth to focus on other areas of my life, less pressure and distraction focused on content development and site maintenance, and the cheery reality that I “could always start up another site/blog up again another time.”  But not long after, that shine wore off, and I was left wondering what I would do with this digital echo chamber if I had it back- I brainstormed topics of interest and areas of focus; building, demolishing, redesigning, and rebuilding.  I romanticized posts that were lost, and the “good old days” of ideas set adrift into the interwebs met with support, contention, and thoughtful commentary.

And in that romanticizing, I found myself tragically overwhelmed by the notion that those dozens of ideas, hundreds of posts, years of editorializing and chronicling my experiences and development were gone.

What do you do when all of your musings (seemingly, read: foreshadowing) disappear from the Internet?   It’s an odd question to navigate, and a existential crisis that only exists in an age where your digital life is a mirror and reference point across your experiences- personal reflections, written snapshots, pinned ideas, digital representations of connections with people who we once stood with face to face, and perhaps some we haven’t.

So I decided to do something else, for myself, at least at first.  I filled page after page in Evernote, to keep my writing skills sharp, eventually tiring of the medium (although you’re likely to hear more about this later).  Then I decided to try my hand at chronicling in a Moleskine, which left me with a sore hand and frustration around its disconnection from the world outside.  Months passed, and it collected dust, as did the writer in me.

Needless to say, with a new year came a renewed focus to start fresh (or at least find that damn content I had invested to much time in creating).  So I scoured the internet for cached pages, remnants, or debris from the old brianfleduc.com, and thanks to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, I managed to find an impressive amount (given my previous results, and low expectations); finding that content inspired a larger fresh start– the one you’re looking at (let’s call it brianfleduc.com v2.0).

I’m excited about it– seven years, six states, and thousands of words since my first words posted online at this domain.  With that excitement, comes a disclaimer: after all of that aforementioned reflection on focus and scope on what I would do if I “came back,” I decided to throw it all out and let this one grow organically. Without a doubt, I’ll bring back some of the greatest hits from v1.0, but beyond that, it’ll be a work in progress.
So– if you haven’t met me before, let me introduce myself.  If you’re an old friend, enjoy a few timelessly salient throwbacks (time-stamped with their original post dates for good measure) and take a look around.
It’s good to be back- do you mind sharing and telling your friends?
  • I just found your blog Brian – and I’m so glad to see you back to blogging. Sounds like we have a few shared research and writing interests.

    • Thanks for stopping by, @josieahlquist:disqus! I’ve enjoyed following your work and research; looking forward to continuing to connect in this community and beyond.