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Our world is facing complex problems & significant changes. I believe supportive, connected, self-aware communities of mobilizers & influencers committed to advocating, supporting, & changing the world with those around them are at the core of preparing a more just, caring & thriving world.

A graduate of Roger Williams University with a degree in psychology, I see personal understanding, growth & development as central to our ability to impact the world. As a student, I served in many roles that provided me opportunities to contribute to the RWU community & further understand the importance & benefit of student engagement in college.

As a graduate student at Texas A&M in educational administration, I expanded my understanding of student development, leadership, and engagement as tools to influence to student success, complimenting my formal education through assistantships in student activities, leadership, and residence life. Acknowledging that opportunities for learning take place outside of the classroom, I engaged experiences in both small & large public & private settings, the context of institutional practice I draw from is widely varied.

Through my service on the board of directors for the national association for campus activities, I gained experience in strategic planning along with skills required in the guidance and governance of a non-profit higher education association. Similarly, I synthesized my post-graduate experience as a manager for leadership programs, adjunct faculty member, & advisor.

As a Higher Education Consultant within the EAB, I assisted in directing the implementation of predictive technologies designed to influence student success, providing best-practice insight to executive administrators and academic advisors as they work to influence student completion on their campus.  After three years of helping universities increase their retention rates, I joined The Iron Yard to explore emerging delivery models of higher education.

Today I work at the Education Design Lab where I utilize design thinking methodology to design education towards the future of work. Additionally I serving as a Lead Facilitator for the Kiwanis Key Leader Program, facilitating highly-interactive leadership retreats for high school students.

Regardless of the context, my investment in creating intentional experiences for student learning, reflection, and growth  is relentless- and effective. Let’s work together to make a difference.

For more about my professional background and experience, take a look at my LinkedIn profile page.

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