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Brian LeDucFrom the front lines as a student leader turned student affairs administrator and student success consultant, I am
invested in assisting your group to succeed! Whether focused on programming, representative student-government, first-year students, on-campus living, or reflecting and translating graduate experiences into a career, I understand the challenges, opportunities, and needs from the point of view of your students.

Combining professional experiences in student activities, residence life, orientation programs, greek life, and student leadership development complemented by a background in educational administration, I have the experience and understanding to bring theory into practice working with undergraduate students as an advisor, supervisor, and facilitator, and frequently speak or facilitate workshops on the topics of values exploration, goal setting, team building and group dynamics, teams and conflict, and digital identity development.  In fact, my contribution and investment in award-winning leadership programming has translated into content around leadership programming strategy and development.

My graduate experience founding and facilitating the #SAgrad chat has translated into writing, interviews, and presentations around the topics of community development and building, using social media for change, personal branding, and investing in personal professional development.

LINK WorkshopMy volunteer experiences within the National Association for Campus Activities provide me with experiences in strategic planning, fundraising, professional development planning, branding, and social media strategy and management.

I would be honored to speak to your students or your organization– please contact me at brianfleduc@gmail.com to begin developing a program to fit your needs!


What students are saying:

“I became more in tune with the tactics that I need to become a more effective leader based on my personality and leadership style.”

“Brian made [the program] fun and interesting.”

“This retreat reinforced the great dynamics that our executive team has. We have the right team and potential to be great!”

“Really enjoyed the retreat! Brian LeDuc did an excellent job!”

“Great leader of the retreat! Would like to see him do something else with SGA!”